Tiller was a Virtual Reality prototype I developed in my second year at Falmouth University, as part of a solo prototyping module.
Inspiration for this project came from memories of my parents and I, where we would take our inflatable dinghy through the Bristol canals. 
My core design pillar for Tiller was to create an experience that captured the real-life user experience of sailing a tiller-operated boat, while accounting for the restrictions and rules of VR development.

Project Features:
- Tiller-operated navigation system
- Diegetic UI features (using the pullcord to return to the menu was one of my favourite features!),
- A small sandbox level with a point-to-point racing objective
- Game Design Documentation
- Scripting
- Level whiteboxing
- Playtesting and iteration

Tools and Plugins Used:
- Unity 5
- Probuilder